Pros and Cons of Internet TV

Pros and Cons

You may be sitting there wondering if Internet TV is the right thing for you? Do you watch enough TV already, are you always missing your favourite shows, what does it cost? These may be some of the questions you are currently asking yourself?

If that is the case you are not alone, in fact most of our enquiries are from people wanting more information to help them arrive at a decision. We have heard your questions and they have not fallen on deaf ears. We realise that a part of this new website design is addressing some of the issues that were previously lacking. So to get things kicked off and underway I are come up with a little pros and cons section to this post. We will incorporate it into a FAQ page or something similar at a later date but we felt that this information was important to get out sooner rather than later. Here you go!


One of the best advantages of internet tv is it is so easily accessible. With internet growing stronger and faster in a wider range of countries you can watch anything you want where ever you want. NO restricions! On top of that you are able to pre record and watch your favourite shows at a latter point in time, rewind and watch your favourite parts all over again or even watch that big sporting game highlight in slow motion to make the most of all the action!

TV packages such as Netflick, Stanley, Amazon on demand etc tend to be a lot cheaper than cable packages and you have the freedom to watch them where ever you go. This also gives you the benefit of watching the same movie or TV episode over and over again!

Not only can you watch your favourite episodes in repetition but you have access to the entire internet as well of course. Stream, download or watch your favourite youtube videos, music videos or keep up with your social life! You can even listen in on your favourite radio stations!


Some would say the initial cost of getting the TV or laptop/computer you are wanting to watch everything on. The truth of the matter is that most people already have these devices and are currently using them so there is really no extra cost involved.

Unfortunately not all channels are available YET but stayed tuned (pun intended) because this is a growing market and if something isn’t available for you yet there is a significant chance it will be soon.


At the end of the day it comes down to your own personal preference. There are many advantages of having internet TV but like anything there are always a few cons. If you would like more information or just want to place your order right now then get hold of us through our contact for here.

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