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I would just like to kick off this post with a big thank you to all of the support we received over the last few months. Our business is in fine form because of it. We are professional, efficient and have a great support network for you. This steams from the support we received when our business wasn’t going so great. It had nothing to do with sales or customer service; getting a business up off the ground is just a long, hard process. There’s really no two ways about it. We were struggling financially to meet repayments on time, the business was booming but it just wasn’t enough at that point int time. We were unable to keep up and as a result we got a mark against us. Luckily, we’re┬ánow in a position where we can deliver the best possible services and products at the best prices time in and time out thanks to friends of mine at a little company called Home Loans Bad Credit. Don’t let the name full you, these guys do more than home loans, they specialise in anything/everything to do with bad credit, something I had a bit of.

They were able to help me out and offer ongoing support so now I’m in a position where I can offer the same support back to the community through my business. Thanks again guys!

This leads me onto what I actually wanted to address in this post and that was about our Support and Customer Service.
We offer an ongoing support network for you (the customer) for the entire life of the product. This isn’t something to dismiss so lightly, I’ll repeat it again…..THE LIFE of the product. Any technical issue we will deal with it, fix it, replace what ever needs to be done. We will not cover the product for obvious non technical damage such as water, house fire, theft etc. Any issue with the product itself and we will be there in a heart beat.

As far as we know we are the only company that does this. We feel it is an essential part of our business and forms the essential integrity that sets us apart from the rest. We really do believe in taking care of our customers and giving back where we can. We have been so fortunate in our business in terms of support that it is important to us to continue this practise.

We look forward to being there with you through the good times. Please contact our support staff for further information here.

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